How to Be a Good Leader: Holy Yoga Ignite Leadership Training

Divine Transformation
How To Live Out Your Purpose

Holy Yoga’s mission extends beyond ourselves. Our mission is to serve the kingdom. We created a Christ-centered community that knows how to be good leaders who fulfill God’s mission and live out the gospel in our everyday lives. We spread this knowledge by training yoga instructors as well as messengers of the gospel bearing witness to the power of transformation. We empower our community to be strong minded experts, visionaries, and spiritual leaders.

No matter your past or current circumstance, you were designed with a purpose. How do you live out your purpose? By leaning into your divine calling to lead and to have lasting influence on those around you. Whether you know it or not, you are influencing and impacting others right now!

At Holy Yoga we don’t believe you need fixing…we believe you need healing! That’s why we created the Ignite Leadership program to give you an understanding of who you are and how you are showing up in the places that matter most. This program helps you to not just see your blind spots, but to boldly look right at them when you do.

How to be a Good Leader

If you have chosen to follow, you are called to be a leader. Period.

You may be wondering how to be a good leader. Every day leaders are leaving their positions of influence due to lack of training and preparation for the challenges those in charge inevitably face.

Ignite is a transformational leadership program that teaches you how to discover God’s powerful and perfect, hand-crafted design that is for YOU! In this Spirit-led training, you’ll discover how your perfect human design can take the place of your broken and flawed human condition. 

The Ignite Leadership program teaches you how to find your purpose by believing something True so you can begin to do something new. 

We want to equip God’s people to thrive in their areas of influence as a servant of Christ. With preparation and a foundation rooted in a healthy relationship with Christ, leadership can procure great joy.

Whether your platform remains in your home or God places you before the multitudes, your willingness to lead well matters — beyond what we will ever realize this side of glory. Staff members/employees are encouraged to come through the training together to operate out of the awareness and unity Christ desires for the body of believers in positions of influence.

Holy Yoga Ignite Leadership Training

Through a comprehensive, 9-week curriculum focused on your vertical relationship with Christ and horizontal influence and outreach, Ignite develops effective and powerful servants of God, prepared to lead boldly with holy confidence and humble excellence.

There are no prerequisites for Ignite. You don’t have to be a yoga teacher, be in Holy Yoga training, or even be sure you know what holy means! You are welcome here and we can’t wait to walk this journey with you!

“As I look back on these past few months of Ignite, I see how much more I know about myself. I am thrilled about this, and super excited to begin to explore what it all means. Learning some of my spiritual gifts, and starting to apply them to my life is incredibly exciting, and an answer to prayer! This entire year has been so rich, fulfilling and life changing. I am just so grateful. I am walking with my heart leading me and my hands reaching outward. Where ever God leads, I will continue to say YES. I will continue to do the work needed to always evolve and grow as a follower of Christ.” -Tracy Sleichter

The Ignite training includes:

• 9-week online, live webinar sessions

• Electronic Downloadable Manual

• Online Training Center (Access will be available for 60 days after the last live webinar session)

• Ignite Certificate

• 60-hours of Holy Yoga Continuing Education Credits

• Weekly small group time

“Holy Yoga’s Ignite training was so much more than learning how to lead. It was learning how to work together as a team and how to “Do It Afraid”. Through this training, I came to know the why of leadership and what gets in the way of being a good leader. I learned how to listen more than to talk and I learned how not to let leadership become my idol. I learned how to let God use my story to advance His Kingdom and that it is not in being “perfect” that we become good leaders, it is about being “authentic”. This training has not only made me a better leader within the Holy Yoga community but I am also a better mother, youth group leader, and wife. I have learned, and am still learning, to let go of pride and competition in life and in leadership and to walk in the giftings that God has given me, as well as support the roles and giftings that God has given others. As Henri Nouwen says, “The Christian leader of the future is called to be completely irrelevant and to stand in this world with nothing to offer but his or her own valuable self.”

Everyone is welcome! While this training is a prerequisite for those interested in serving on the Holy Yoga Leadership Team, it is for anyone and everyone who has committed their life to following Christ and wants to learn how to be a good leader. While portions of this training will be specific to Holy Yoga Instructors and their ministries, it is applicable to leadership in all areas of life and service.

Why not embark on a journey that…

• Reshapes your perspective

• Enriches your soul

• Nurtures your body 

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