What can I do with a 300 Certification?

Divine Transformation

So, you finished your 200-hour training, gained some teaching experience and now you’ve been bitten by the professional development bug. What is the next logical step? A 300-hour training. Why? The answer is simple; Yoga is a deep well of knowledge and application. Additionally, in Holy Yoga, we see Christ as our source and discipleship as essential. The 200-hour training set the foundation for a yoga teacher (in America primarily focused on Asana) and the 300-hour training will draw you deeper into Christ and equip you with enhanced experience of tools that you can use to help your students live in their true God-given identity.

With a 300-hour training you are taken deeper in yoga philosophy and the tools that help you and your students apply the knowledge you learned in your 200-hour training with more depth and ease. If you think back to the personal development you gained in your 200-hour, you’ll see the personal benefit of taking a 300-hour program. If it is the 300-hour in Holy Yoga, Christ being taught as your source of strength takes that personal development to a whole new level of freedom.

When you are empowered with that deeper knowledge you can begin to see your unique perspective that God has blessed you with, and mark my words, you have one! There are things you’ll be able to see as a teacher in a 300-hour program that only you are gifted to see. That is the nature of the storytelling culture where yoga comes from. You have a story to tell, you’ve experienced God in a certain way. You’ll gain the tools needed to teach others that unique perspective, which may lead them to freedom as well.

Once you have these tools and new perspective, you can begin to teach workshops and guide others in their journey of discipleship and the yogic path. Workshops are a way to monetize your yoga practice so you can take the path of a fitness or yoga professional if that is your goal. It is also a great path to start on if you would like to utilize the tools of yoga to assist you in your current profession. As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor I use these tools all the time to help my clients achieve the lasting change and development they are looking for.