Lessons from the Mountaintop: The Retreat Experience

Divine Transformation

Holy Yoga Retreat is a transformational experience!

On paper it is Bible studies, yoga classes, small groups, and days that are jam packed with activities.

However, there is so much more to retreat than just that.

You will come home feeling renewed, closer to God, and with a sense of belonging in the community.

But don’t take our word for it! We want to share with you some of the stories that people have shared with us after completing Retreat. 

“Through the worship, Bible Study and Sole care along with space to reflect my heart was opened and received what work the Holy Spirit was doing within me. I felt it was a sacred time to draw near to the Lord. The Lord spoke through the speakers, the women in my small group and through the yoga practice. I am so thankful for the opportunity I was given to be at the retreat.”

“God taught me that I am worthy of doing great things and don’t let anyone hold me back. I am in a Winter time in my life and learned to be ok with that and lean in to God. He will prepare me for what’s next.”

“I tried to come to the retreat with no defining expectations. Really wanted the Lord to do his work and will. As it was, he showed up so powerfully for me. He was doing some deeper work on me before I came to the retreat and he continued His work there , bringing some things into clarity for me. Being with real people that I kind of knew through zoom classes and I could actually hug was an amazing thing.”

“When I came to retreat I was definitely feeling a separation between myself and God. Being at retreat helped me draw closer, it reignited my passion for the Word, and I began to hear Jesus ‘voice of love and grace again instead of Satan’s condemnation and negative self-talk.”

If God has placed the Holy Yoga Retreat on your heart, we encourage you to check out our next Retreat, and hit “get more information” to connect with an Enrollment Counselor.