Discover the Power of Touch: How to Safely Integrate Healing Touch in Your Yoga Classes

Divine Transformation
A white man assisting a woman of color in a yoga pose.

Holy Yoga Touch teaches participants to safely and professionally incorporate healing touch/ massage techniques in their yoga classes. Physical touch can be an important and essential element of a yoga class when done properly. This course empowers you to safely touch students during class with purpose and confidence. You will learn elements of safe touch, the anatomy of touch, pose-specific acupoints, and emotional release facilitation. By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and experience to use massage in yoga classes to enhance and deepen the class experience.

Touch applies most to poses that are Yin or restorative in nature. Participants will practice massage techniques, growing in awareness of the needs of their students. The training focuses on energy, intention, and the healing power of touch as prompted by the Holy Spirit.  Individuals will also learn how trauma and abuse can affect the human body and how safe, permitted touch can help bring healing.

Through this training, participants often begin to discover and address their own personal experiences and feelings related to touch. This can be a revealing and healing process that helps us become better teachers and facilitators; allow us to physically be the hands and feet of God reaching out to touch someone else. 

This training requires 6-home study hours, which includes at-home video instruction and a teaching practicum along with a 9-hour hands-on workshop. There are no prerequisites for this training. Everyone is welcome – you don’t even need to be a yoga instructor. If you are a yoga instructor, Holy Yoga Touch can count toward your continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance, American Council on Exercise, and of course, Holy Yoga.

Our next Holy Yoga Touch Training is happening on August 28 in Dayton, Ohio! For more information or to register, CLICK HERE.