Jessica Mitchell

Divine Transformation

Jessica Mitchell

Licensed Instructor Trainer & Live Teaching Team

Holy Yoga has been the catalyst for Jessica’s faith walk to grow exponentially. While having grown up in the church all her life, Jessica’s most meaningful and healing moments have been on her mat in the presence of the Lord. This propelled her to open up a studio and lead others in their faith journeys in 2016.

Since then Jessica went on to volunteer with (and now work for) the Salt and Light Coalition in Chicago to work with trafficking survivors. It is her heart’s longing to empower those who have suffered these deep-seated traumas, while holding a safe and sacred space for them. While she works with these women to ramp up their potential and lead them to live a life of purpose, she is humbled by them and learns so much from them every day.

Jessica has leveraged various trainings through Holy Yoga for such a time as this. She is so grateful to extend her knowledge to inspire others in their search to commission their own yoga communities and take the Gospel to the ends of the earth through this precious modality. It is Jessica’s honor and JOY to be trained to certify others in Holy Yoga. It is truly a heavenly desire she has had for a long time.

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