Kristin Daubenmeyer

Divine Transformation

Kristin Daubenmeyer

Licensed Instructor Trainer

Always intrigued by all things “wellness”, Kristin began attending a yoga studio regularly in 2018. Contrary to what she had been told about yoga, she found that she met with Jesus every time she was on her mat. In 2019, she discovered Holy Yoga and fell in love with the concept of bringing people to feet of Jesus through the modality of YOGA!

She completed her Holy Yoga teacher training in 2020 and in 2021, she was asked to come on staff with Holy Yoga Detroit as their Vice President. Kristin is passionate about meeting people right where they are with their yoga journey and encouraging people to treat their bodies with love and gentleness! When Kristin isn’t teaching yoga, you may find her with an iced coffee in hand, walking around Target with her two adorable daughters and husband.

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