Mia Neuenhoff

Divine Transformation

Mia Neuenhoff

Program Manager & Licensed Instructor Trainer

Mia Neuenhoff began a serious yoga practice in 2006 and signed up for Holy Yoga Teacher Training in 2011, having never taken a Holy Yoga class. Her background was home construction and interior design, but God was prompting her in a new direction. He opened doors and pressed her through. Eventually, Mia opened a small Holy Yoga studio which led directly to her current position: managing a 70+ class per week studio with over 600 members. She also launched and was director of the studio’s teacher training program for several years.

With over 1000 hours of training, Mia received her Holy Yoga Master training in 2012.  She also has certifications in Holy Yoga Touch and Holy Yoga Chair. Holy Yoga ushered in a depth to her relationship with God she did not know was possible. She is drawn to those bruised by religion and knows God led her to a secular studio to share His love and healing with those who feel safer on a mat than in a pew. She currently teaches Holy Yoga in College Station, Texas, and manages in the Holy Yoga Teacher Training program.

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