Strength is important. It allows us to perform all the activities we love for the rest of our lives. But strength involves more than our muscles – in Christ, our minds and spirits are strengthened as well. If God is inviting you into Holy Yogalates, He wants to teach you about what it means to be strong from the inside out, and teach others to be as well. By focusing on our core we can access not only the muscles that support our bodies, but the wisdom that is available to us through the Holy Spirit. 

what is yogalates?

Holy Yogalates is a Christ-centered Training Program that combines yoga poses and Pilates movements for an amazing core strengthening experience. Studying the practice founded by Joseph Pilates, we look at how to incorporate these movements and exercises into a yoga/Pilates fusion class that will strengthen the body’s core even as we direct our hearts toward worship of our Lord.


What’s Included?

Holy Yogalates is a self study program that studies classic Pilates movements and sequencing, as well as common core injuries such as diastasis recti and pelvic floor disorders, and adaptive ways to help students heal from these conditions. Homework includes additional home study, reading assignments, at-home video instruction, and a teaching practicum. You do not need to be a previously certified yoga instructor to participate.

“I took the Yogalates training because I love Pilates and Yoga. I thoroughly enjoyed the training as it brought new awareness to my body.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting a new approach to their Yoga experience.”

Sara Bartlett, CHYI-Yogalates




C-HYI 500, E-RYT 200, YACEP, Certified Pilates Instructor



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If you have questions or need additional information, please schedule a call or download a packet.


What happens immediately after I order?

On July 1st you will get an email to access your training content.

Do I have to be a yoga instructor to take this course?

There is no Holy Yoga or any prerequisite yoga experience needed in order to qualify for this program – everyone is welcome!

Do I have lifetime access to training?

Yes. Once you purchase this self-study training you have access to the on-line training content in our Training Center.

How can I watch the training content?

On your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Can I download the content?

No. The content will not be downloadable except for the class outlines as you have lifetime access to all the material and can refer back to it as needed. We allow you to download the class outlines so that you can modify them to fit your own unique God-given teaching style.

What if I have questions during the training?

During the course of the training you will have the ability to email the Senior Trainer for questions and you will be invited to the Private Holy Yogalates Facebook Group.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You should be able to complete the course in 2-3 months depending how long it takes you to complete your practicums.  We highly suggest that you complete the program within one year of purchase. Once you have completed your practicum and all homework you will be issued your certificate.

What is the practicum?

We invite you to put your new knowledge into practice by blessing others with a yogalates class.  You will be required to teach 3 classes to a group or an individual.  During this process, you will be creating your own class outlines and then instructing it.  After you have completed your practicums you will submit a short quiz about your experience.  A video submission is not required of you teaching a class.  Once you have completed your practicum and all homework you will be issued your certificate.