Mission: The Foundation educates, inspires and mobilizes individuals to transform spiritual landscapes worldwide by becoming Kingdom catalysts for change.

Vision: Communities are transformed for the benefit of others and the Glory of God.

Purpose:  In a broken and hurting world, we nurture communities where people belong, heal and grow.

What is the BLG Yogathon?

The Breathe Love Give Yogathon is an awareness and community building event. On March 2nd, 2019 people of all ages will come together from all over the world to gather and encounter true community. Individuals receive nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit; and leave feeling cared for, refreshed, and inspired while raising funds for our mission.

Why you should join us?

Do you have a story of how God has met you through Holy Yoga? A way your life was impacted on your mat?  The answer is most likely yes if you’ve ever practiced Holy Yoga. We believe yoga should be accessible to anyone who needs it and believe God can meet any willing heart on their mat.  

Holy Yoga Foundation bolsters individuals to rise up, and create real change in their city.

What is this fundraiser supporting?

The Holy Yoga Foundation’s mission is to support Holy Yoga instructors to embody holistic health so they are equipped to establish Christ-centered communities throughout the world.

We support the Holy Yoga instructors through spiritual formation, event experiences, and mini-grants to help grow communities.

Your giving helps the Foundation invest in these areas.

What will the BLG Yogathon look like?

This 3 hour recorded event will have Holy Yoga classes, a time of meditation, transformation stories of Holy Yoga students, and community building either virtually or in person.  Everyone who registers will be given the link to the pre-recorded event a few days prior.

*If you are a yoga instructor hosting a team and you want to lead your own yoga class and meditation, be free to do so! This pre-recorded video is a guide you can use if needed.

What does participating look like?

Sign up as a single participant or gather a team of family and friends together and host a team at your home, church, or studio.

People of all ages and yoga levels are welcome to join us.  

How will I fundraise?

Each participant has a goal to raise $350. You will gather donations through your donately profile page, a peer to peer fundraising platform.  In December, we will begin sending you an email drip with everything you need to successfully participate in the event, including the verbiage to use for your personalized donately page.  On this page you can share your story and invite your community in!

Think of friends/family members who can join you or just donate to the work of Holy Yoga Foundation.

Ready To Get Started?

Fill out our interest form below and we’ll send your more information when the Yogathon registration goes live.


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Walking into this environment, opposition is to be expected. But each time I watch how the Spirit takes over. All it takes is being available.

Mary Kay Burns

Teaching Holy Yoga in a women’s prison

I was empty inside. I didn’t have a purpose. I would pray but didn’t know who I was praying to. It was just darkness. I felt empty and alone.  Holy Yoga has taught me how to look for God, how to find find him, and how to listen. It’s taught me how to breathe away my anxiety. I finally enjoy life and have a purpose.  My purpose is growing with God. I enjoy living now.

Izabel Olson

HY Instructor, Patience, Salt & Light

Holy Yoga is a new thing to me but it has made me to realize who I am. I didn’t know yoga could be united with the word of God and work wonders in my life. Afterwards I had peace of mind and heart. I thank God for bringing you guys here.

Kelly from Kenya

Beyond the Mat team