Can Holy Yoga Help Those Struggling with Mental Illness?

Holy Yoga Master Instructor Jennifer Hill shares her story:

You’re doing it wrong. Everyone else knows how, why don’t you? Again, really? You are so lazy, stupid, distracted, slow . . . you’ll never . .

Maybe these are lies you have heard before. If they are I am so very sorry. That’s what they are though, lies.

You will never be able to…you aren’t living up to your potential. Why?! Why?! Why?! I don’t know either.

From the time I was four, things were different, like my diet. I was allowed a little beer, but no soda. God forbid even a sniff of food dye. My mama sewed butterflies on everything. She was praying freedom over me even then. But freedom would take it’s sweet time. Through alcoholism and a terrible break in my family structure at a very young age, through the school years of avoiding all my potential. Spinning my wheels in college no matter how hard Granny tried and through a marriage that failed, but was no failure because it birthed two amazing creatures that fulfilled my dreams for them from the moment they were born. All this led to more of the same with what they called “hyperactivity and A.D.D.”, and eventually an additional diagnosis — bipolar. More pills and along with all the pills a new fitness regime that replaced some of the pills. The fitness that took me to yoga, the long way. And the yoga brought me to Holy Yoga.

This is where the freedom lies. Through a community that is there. And everywhere. A discipline that teaches discipline by a Master that guides and loves with a fierceness that no letters behind my name can come close to standing in the way of. The physical practice is guided by a mental practice that can’t help but build strength, and a peace that literally passes all understanding. I thought I knew how to breathe. I did, I just didn’t know I wasn’t already breathing. Movement that screamed freedom with a beautiful melody of acceptance and “You’re doing it right, Love”. “All of it, you’re doing it right.” Spending the last years in the thick of this freedom with the other freedom fighters has given me more confidence than any expert ever dreamed because they were asking the wrong experts. My potential isn’t mine. It’s His and it’s exactly right, and timely, and complete. It allows me to breathe easier, to notice when I’m not and to cheer on the next. So…who’s next. Step right up into your destiny. The one that’s shaped like nothing but you. And Him. All brought to you by a loving Father that gave us Holy Yoga. Namaste…right here.

Jennifer Hill
The GŪD Life Co
GŪD Yoga