Wisdom and the Essence of the Divine: 

Bible Study with Brooke Boon


In your personal growth, you can only develop vertically so much until you need to be a part of something not only equips you but allows you to pour out what has been given to you.

Starting in April, we will be launching a 4-week online study on Wisdom and the Essence of the Divine. This study is unique to what we have done before because even though you can do this Bible study on your own, it was specifically designed for individuals to facilitate as a group study in their local communities.

During this four-week series with Brooke Boon, Founder, and President of Holy Yoga, you will learn what Biblical wisdom is, how it’s bestowed on Christ followers, it’s untold value, and what life can look like for those committed to its way. Study materials are all pre-prepared and can be accessed LIVE or later at your own convenience. This comprehensive curriculum will also include 30 days of scripture meditations, weekly Holy Yoga classes, an introduction to spiritual disciplines, playlists, and a Small Group Leader’s Guide with prompts and questions to make everything very simple so all you have to do is show up.

As believers, we were never meant to tackle the obstacles of life alone, but instead, to draw strength and wisdom from those around us. That is why we designed this study with community in mind. While it can be done individually in your quiet time at home, the structure of this study was specifically made to exist in a small group setting where individuals can engage their local communities to come fellowship, study the Word, and practice yoga together. We invite you to join us as we dive deep into God’s word and are transformed from the inside out!

You weren’t meant to do this alone. You were made to seek God and flourish together with others in community.

COST: With a suggested donation of $10, you will receive this study as a gift from the Holy Yoga Foundation.

REGISTRATION: This live Zoom Study with Brooke Boon will be held weekly on Wednesdays at 12 pm CST. Sign up today at holyyoga.net/the-wisdom-study/