Licensing FAQ

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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about the Holy Yoga Licensed Instructor Training program.

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If my graduates continue training with Holy Yoga Global, will I receive a revenue share?

We are working on our Affiliate Program for HYTV, HYTV +, and Live Holy Yoga Trainings and hope to have that ready soon. When we do, our Licensees will be the first to know!

Does the license include training for 100 hour students? 

Yes. You may instruct the 100-hour program. 

Will my students be able to register with Yoga Alliance? 

The Holy Yoga 200 hour licensed training program has been built to Yoga Alliance guidelines. If you, as the licensee, want your “school” registered with the Yoga Alliance, you must meet the Yoga Alliance requirements. Please visit the Yoga Alliance website for requirement specifications. 

I’m not a Yoga Alliance member/instructor. Can I still become a Licensee? 

Yes! Yoga Alliance membership is not a requirement for our licensing program. If you are interested in Yoga Alliance eligibility through the licensing process please via the chat at We have an option for you!

What is the time investment weekly during training?

Approx 10 hours a week

You will be required to be in the classroom for:

 Ignite – 2 hours per week for 9 weeks

 Onboarding – 1.5 hours  for 4 weeks

200 hour training review –

You are also encouraged to attend the 200hr training live if possible, but we will also have the 200 hour videos on demand. You are expected to walk through the 200hr training center as well for review and to build your training manual.

As always, being live in the classroom is optimal; you may watch the recordings if necessary. 

Does the training include an in-person component? 

No. All the Licensee training is done online. You will however as a licensee have access to sample schedules for retreats of different lengths. There is also an optional Rise Up Retreat weekend that Licensed Instructor Trainers are invited to each year. More details on that will be found in your training.

Is there an annual cost for License renewal? 

Yes. The annual renewal is $500 per licensee and begins one year from the date you are officially licensed.

How much can I charge for training? 

You can charge whatever you want or what your location’s market can bear. If you are unsure of how to price, we suggest researching what your local studios are charging. Remember your WORTH is already established in Christ… so ask for what your TIME is worth. That is the investment. So price wisely 🙂

There is a one-time $500 “seat” charge for each 200hr student in each training of the licensee. There is a one-time $500 “seat” charge for each 100hr student in each training of the licensee.

Upon completion of the licensing training, you will have your own unique URL acting as your “training center”. You will sell “seats” in your own training center for each training. That “seat” fee goes to Holy Yoga to host your training center so you can stay focused on the BEST part of training… presence.

What does the posture breakdown training look like? 

As Master level instructors, we know that you have taught and taught and retaught poses. You are required to watch the Holy Yoga 200hr program on-demand and read through all written materials in the manual. 

Your students will have access to the same posture breakdowns on-demand as a support to your facilitation. 

What ongoing IT support do my students have as they go through training with me? 

As part of the Licensing onboarding process, you will be taught all that your student will need to know for training.  You are your students’ primary contact and solution provider. We are always here to support if need be.

Promotion and participation in content creation in HYTV and HYTV+

We want to serve and support YOU!  As a licensed facilitator, we want to highlight you on all of our subscription channels!  We exist to take the gospel to the ends of the earth through the modality of Holy Yoga and who better to partner with than YOU!? 

If the Lord is calling you to teach online classes, develop continual education, and/or you have a PASSION we want to give you a platform to shine. 

Can I teach the training online via zoom?

This license is for live, in-person training only. Students who desire online training can do so via

Define the 500 hour requirement.

500 hours of teaching experience can be accomplished by teaching yoga classes (online or in-person), yoga retreats, etc. Anytime you have spent teaching yoga concepts to someone else can be counted for this.

A Holy Yoga 300 hour Masters or Therapy training is heavily suggested

What are the expectations upon completion of the Licensing training?

Our challenge to you as a Holy Yoga Licensed Instructor Trainer is to schedule your first  200 hour training within 3 months of receiving your license with a minimum of 5 trainees.

What is the financial investment?

The cost of the Holy Yoga Licensed Instructor training is $4,995 if paid in full. If payment plans are needed the total will be $5,105 with $1,995 due as a non-refundable initial investment and the remaining balance paid by either a 3 or 6-month payment plan. Please refer to Holy Yoga Terms and Conditions for details.