Thank you so much for joining us, if you haven’t already done so, make sure to go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 of our 5 part – 300 Hour Master’s Program series!

We say it in our 200 Hour yoga teacher training all the time, “Through this training, you are learning three things you’ll never know all there is to know about: The Bible, yoga and anatomy.” And it is so true. These topics are so deep and have so many layers that you’ll need to live them rather than merely seek know them.

At Holy Yoga, we believe the Bible to be the guiding power in our lives. We also believe that God gave us the gift of yoga as a functional means to live out His Word. With breathwork, mediation and movement, your understanding of God’s character is deepened, as is your ability to know Him more through a relationship with Jesus. In turn, this cultivates the ability to quiet the soul and hear from Him.

In a typical 200 Hour training, there is not enough time to study the depths of yoga philosophy and its ocean of wisdom and get to all the information required to make you a safe and effective teacher. This is exactly where a 300 Hour program comes in. With the foundation of yoga training instilled, the student is free to dive deeper into yogic study of Chakras, breathwork, the limbs, Hindu scripture and many other topics offered through this age-old practice.

Yoga philosophy offers students an opportunity to address the soul and its connection with God first rather than focusing on the body. As you dive deeper into the philosophies of mind, body, spirit, energy, contemplation, and frequency, you become empowered to teach yoga on a new level that offers something for everyone. Asana is a beautiful limb we love in yoga. But yoga itself is so much more.

Yoga offers us the wisdom of the body and the unseen energies that keep body systems in motion. Specifically, one common teaching in yoga is the eight limbs that help a student live the yoga philosophies. The Yamas and Niyamas are outward and inward observances that guide us to honor God, ourselves and others. Even Patajali himself said there is a one-fold path to enlightenment in the Niyamas, Isvara Pranidana, surrender to God. We study this one-fold path in the work of Jesus Christ, His Word and the wisdom of yoga.

We hope you’ll join us for this module where we take a deeper look at philosophies behind yoga. You’ll enjoy all the conversations you’ve been dying to have, with plenty of time to break it down!



Post by: Jonnie Goodmanson is a Senior Trainer for Holy Yoga Global®, LLC. Jonnie leads HYG’s core programs including their 200-hour Teacher Training, Master’s Program, Touch Training, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification with an emphasis on injury modification and anatomy and physiology. Jonnie is a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance and ACE Fitness. She teaches yoga at Lifetime Fitness and Mainstreet Church in Mound, MN. You can read more about Jonnie’s role at www.holyyoga.net.



  1. Phyllis Johnston

    Is this program recognized by the Yoga Alliance? If we are already RYT200 will we become RYT500?

  2. Jen Moye

    We love Yoga Alliance and do have an education staff member in a working group representing online/distance learning as they look to us to contribute to Yoga Alliance’s desires to standardize distance learning. We are an approved Yoga Alliance school and many of the instructors that teach the 300 Hour Masters Training are YA Continuing Education Providers. The best way to find specific answers to your question is to schedule a call with one of our Enrollment Specialist or download an information packet.

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