At Holy Yoga® and Kids Holy Yoga®, we believe in engaging with culture and pointing everything to Jesus. Some followers of Jesus prefer not to celebrate Halloween, and that’s perfectly fine! Others feel that it’s okay because of the freedom we are given in Christ (Galatians 5). So, if you celebrate Halloween, here are some poses that you can enjoy while you think about our amazing God.

Did you know that bats are the only mammals that can truly fly? Bats definitely show God’s creativity! To do Bat Pose, stand in a Forward Fold and gently flap your arms like the wings of a bat.

Listen to what’s happening around you – bats are great listeners!

A Crescent Moon is the phase of the moon cycle where just a sliver of the moon shows. Sometimes it looks like a banana!

Did you know that the moon does not make its own light? It only reflects the light from the sun. We can mimic the moon when we shine the light of Jesus, the Son of God. Stand tall with your arms overhead. Press your palms together. Bend to the sides and take a deep breath in and out. Smile and shine the light!

Pumpkins are very nutritious having lots of beta-carotene, vitamin A and fiber. Have you ever cleaned out a pumpkin? There’s a lot of gooey, yucky stuff inside. You have to get that out before you can get to the good parts like the seeds and “meat.” Imagine that you are a pumpkin. God comes and cleans out anything icky inside of you so that He can show you the good stuff He has put inside of you.

For Pumpkin Pose, sit up tall and cross your legs. Make your arms wide and round. Smile as you think about the ways that God’s love cleans you up! 

Did you know that some kinds of spiders are actually good to have in your house? Most spiders aren’t dangerous to people and some kinds of spiders eat other insects that spread germs and illnesses, insects like mosquitoes, fleas, flies and cockroaches. Thank you, God, for spiders!

To do Spider Pose, start in Downward Dog. Step your feet out wider, then take your arms out wider, too. You can even crawl around a bit like a spider. 

Cats have been kept by humans as pets for a very long time throughout human history. They can be great companions.

Try Cat Pose and remember how the Bible says a friend loves at all times. From hands and knees, round your back and drop your head. You can hiss or meow like a cat for added effect!

We wish all of our families at Holy Yoga a happy and safe Halloween!


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