The yoga world has experienced a MAJOR shake-up in this global pandemic. Studios quickly shut and are in no hurry to reopen, yoga has become easily accessible online, and it all can leave yoga teachers feeling completely deflated and at a loss for what to do next.
So, let’s get to the good news first – this is an excellent time to establish yourself as a leading yoga teacher! It’s an excellent time for Jesus to use you to shine into the lives of those that are heartbroken and searching for answers. 
But how?
  • Take your brand a step further
It’s likely you’ve already established a brand as a teacher (if not – get on that first!). You likely have a fair understanding of your niche and what problems you solve for your students and/or or ideal clients. But now in the time of COVID-19, how is that further emphasized? What are your students struggling with? What are the common things they are processing, experiencing and facing? And how can you help with those? Perhaps it’s a new offering, a free webinar series or a blog series. Where does your knowledge meet their need? And it doesn’t only have to be yoga! Maybe you studied psychology or finance or marketing. Think about your total skill set and how you can integrate your yoga with that. It will be unique, true to you AND helpful! 
  • Create an online connection
Free live streams and recorded classes abound. I would encourage you to offer what many of these classes don’t. True connection, something that so many are deeply craving. Offer live classes and have a check in or connection before and after class. Find out how they are, how their weeks have been, ask them what they enjoyed about the class at the end. These are memorable, different interactions and help our students feel held and connected with. If you don’t know each student well, use this time to connect with them on social media, maybe have quick calls to get to know them and their struggles deeper. And then connect personally. Offer scriptures, offer personal prayers and even small gifts if you can. This is the time to draw your community close. Social distancing should be renamed physical distancing. Connecting socially – even at a safe distance – is vital. Not just for mental health, but for business purposes too. 
  • Keep your mindset in check
Here’s the tough love. When our mindset is struggling and waning to the negative, it is almost impossible to spot opportunities to innovate and create. We have this (very annoying) thing our brain does called “confirmation bias.” When we believe we are stuck, guess what? Our brains work to prove to us that we are, in fact, stuck (even when we aren’t). When we believe there is opportunity and potential for growth, we spot those exact things! So, use this to your advantage, steep yourself in God’s word, know that He is with you and ask Him to help you focus on the opportunities for innovation and creation. They are there. He wants to use you to be a light in this darkness. 
We know that this can feel overwhelming and confusing, but we also know that God uses these experiences to push us and support us in taking our ministries and businesses to the next level. You have not been defeated; you have been promoted!
And as always, we are here for you.

Post by Candice Clark. Candice is a registered counsellor and yoga teacher that specializes in trauma and mental health. She has completed an Honors Degree in Psychology & has a calling for the healing and restoration of broken hearts. Spoken over her before she was 1 years old! She loves to write, love on her hubs & 2 fur-babies and spend uninterrupted time in God’s presence. She is currently wrapping up her Yoga Therapy training via Holy Yoga. You can find out more about her on instagram: www.instagram.com/candsclarkvz or on her website www.candiceclark.co.za


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