You are Only Wounded in Relation to Your Greatest Gifts

Divine Transformation
21 Jun 2021 You are Only Wounded in Relation to Your Greatest Gifts

Recently as I was scrolling social media, I came across an image that stopped me in my tracks. The message on the image went straight to my heart, I felt God’s fingerprint all over it. It read: “You are only ever wounded in relation to your greatest gifts.” You see, I’ve walked some very dark […]

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11 May 2021 Relying On Yoga + Faith Through Your Fertility Journey

Sadly, as many as one out of every eight couples in the United States struggle to get pregnant. Infertility can have a major impact on the relationships, mental health and spirituality of both partners. The journey isn’t an easy one, but yoga and faith can play a positive role in helping individuals and couples manage […]

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03 May 2021 How Can Yoga Help With Body Positivity?

As a Yoga Therapist that specializes in mental health and trauma, the mind-body link is one I understand intimately. And it’s one that I tend to find really devastating in those struggling with body positivity.  Have you ever heard that saying “speak kindly to yourself as every cell of your body is listening?” Well, it’s […]

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01 Dec 2020 Fill the Heart of Your Favorite Yogi in This Season of Giving

Some of the most special people in my life are fellow yogis. Friends I’ve made in class, teachers that have guided me through tough personal challenges on the mat and trainers that have unlocked my potential as a teacher and a therapist. For most teachers (and humans in general), 2020 has not been a kind […]

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09 Sep 2020 How Yoga Benefits Beyond the Mat

I discovered yoga at a time in my life where so little seemed to make sense. I was confused about my career, my spirituality (God reclaimed my life on a yoga mat – more on that another day!), and my overall purpose. I was fueled by coffee and anxiety and was very unhappy. I wasn’t […]

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03 Aug 2020 Best Yoga Poses for Managing Anxiety

Easy Seated Pose Come into a seated position that is comfortable for you. You may have your legs crossed or not, either is fine. Ideally, sit up tall and in a posture in which you are still and comfortable. Notice your breath coming in and out of your nostrils. Each time you notice your mind […]

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27 Jul 2020 5 Things Your Yoga Instructor Wants You to Know

We (really) love what we do! Being a yoga teacher is very much a calling. A deep passion placed on our heart by Jesus! It is not necessarily a career that pays all the bills, all the time. This means that what we are bringing to our mats and our classes are our whole hearts […]

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29 Jun 2020 Processing Loss Through Yoga

I’m sure this might be the hundredth time you’ve heard this…but yes, these are unprecedented times, friend! Leaders don’t have a map for how to take the next steps and the uncertainty can feel overwhelming. And maybe you, like me, are experiencing losses. Loss of income, loss of routines, loss of certainty, loss of identity. […]

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22 Jun 2020 Pivoting Your Business After Covid-19

  The yoga world has experienced a MAJOR shake-up in this global pandemic. Studios quickly shut and are in no hurry to reopen, yoga has become easily accessible online, and it all can leave yoga teachers feeling completely deflated and at a loss for what to do next.   So, let’s get to the good […]

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