I’m sure this might be the hundredth time you’ve heard this…but yes, these are unprecedented times, friend! Leaders don’t have a map for how to take the next steps and the uncertainty can feel overwhelming.

And maybe you, like me, are experiencing losses. Loss of income, loss of routines, loss of certainty, loss of identity. So much of what we have held dear and been attached to (for better or worse) has changed or been taken away. Even as believers in Christ, who is ultimately what we should be holding onto, it can still feel painful.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This means that we will feel hurt, loss and hardship here on earth.

But this also means we can feel joy, healing and experience God’s restoration. Yoga done in God’s presence is one of the most powerful ways I know how to process loss, change and all that is going on in the world that seems to make zero sense. 

Here are three quick and easy tips to support you in processing any losses you are experiencing:

  • Slow it down

I know it’s tempting to use this time to hit active goals and sweat it out. And while that is not bad in and of itself, what most of our bodies and souls need right now is slow, restoring practices. I would encourage you to support a local Holy Yoga instructor that is offering restorative yoga classes. Some offer this for small donations or even for free. This is a great class to attend to physically feel the support of the earth, of the bolsters and most   importantly, of our Savior. We can rest easy knowing that He will never leave us, nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6). Bonus – we are supporting a fellow sister or brother during these hard times. 

  • Release the tension

You might know that one of the founding principles of TRE (trauma release exercises) is that as human beings (in comparison to animals) we often hold onto tension following a traumatic event or the activation of our fight/flight/freeze response. I know I certainly do! The outbreath is a wonderful way to help you release any tension build up you might be feeling in your body. In your breathing techniques (pranayama), choose those that encourage the slowing down and extension of the outbreath. And then take this into your practice. Is a certain pose feeling hard? SIGH it out in the outbreath…several times if you need to! I love how I have since taken this off the mat. Another cancelled contract? Phew. SIGH it out. “It is in your hands Jesus,” I feel my body and soul say. 

  • Cultivate hope

Yoga is a beautiful way to return to God and to His presence, which we know is love and complete unconditional acceptance of us. Moving onto your mat and into His presence, let that love wash over you, friend. Invite Him into your practice with a simple prayer, “God I don’t have the answers. I don’t know why this feels so hard. But I know you are good, and I know you are allowing this for the good of me who loves you (Rom 8:28). Please fill my being with your love and hope. Allow me to view this with eyes of faith.” And then move through stronger poses – Tree pose, Warrior 2, Mountain pose with extension. Grow tall, friend. God is here. He is moving. He is making a way.

We care about you. We pray for you. And we know, God is still on the throne. 

All our love!


Post by Candice Clark. Candice is a registered counsellor and yoga teacher that specializes in trauma and mental health. She has completed an Honors Degree in Psychology & has a calling for the healing and restoration of broken hearts. Spoken over her before she was 1 years old! She loves to write, love on her hubs & 2 fur-babies and spend uninterrupted time in God’s presence. She is currently wrapping up her Yoga Therapy training via Holy Yoga. You can find out more about her on instagram: www.instagram.com/candsclarkvz or on her website www.candiceclark.co.za

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  1. Lynda

    Praise God, beautiful.

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