The Ultimate Guide to Self-Studies

Divine Transformation

Our Self-Study Training programs are designed to further your knowledge on specialized topics, while offering you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. These trainings can be beneficial to you in your personal practice, or as an Instructor working with others!


The Weights Training is all about safely incorporating weights into your yoga practice. Using weights offers total body conditioning for athletes, or anyone who is interested in working on their strength and endurance. The use of weights helps us reflect on the weight that Jesus bears as He carries us, sin and all. In this Self-Study, students will learn about proper muscle engagement, the vitality of the breath, and how to teach specific exercises with weights while keeping their class safe, fun, and challenging. Students will also learn how to take precautions and work with special populations.


Yogalates is a combination of yoga and pilates, which is an exercise that is centered around core strength and flexibility. By focusing on our core we can access not only the muscles that support our bodies but the wisdom that is available to us through the Holy Spirit. Studying the practice founded by Joseph Pilates, we look at how to incorporate these movements and exercises into a yoga/Pilates fusion class that will strengthen the body’s core even as we direct our hearts toward worship of our Lord.

Trauma Sensitive

The Trauma-Sensitive program provides education for understanding the effects that trauma has on the body and how the body can hold on to traumatic memories in very tangible ways. Students will explore yoga postures that help facilitate healing from traumatic memories to guide others through the journey of reconnecting to the body in a safe way. Trauma Sensitive equips you to walk others through physiological recovery from traumatic memories by applying different techniques to appropriately manage the symptoms of a trauma survivor. Students also study how Scripture addresses trauma and the ways in which God’s love and grace provide what is needed to safely explore the parts of the body that have felt stunted by traumatic experiences.

Disordered Eating

The Disordered Eating Program is a personal development program that provides education for understanding the effects of disordered eating on the body and soul. Students will explore spiritual disciples, meditation and breath practices that help facilitate healing from disordered eating. This program will guide participants through a journey of rightly ordering their relationship with food, their body and God in a beautiful way. Individuals will study how Scripture addresses disordered eating and the ways in which God’s love and grace provide what is needed to safely and rightly order our relationships with food. The way we see ourselves in view of God’s love can help aid in our healing from body dysmorphic disorder and other unhealthy.

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