Embracing Every Body: 3 Things You Need to Know About Holy Yoga’s Size-Inclusive Training

Divine Transformation

Imagine stepping into a yoga class where, for the first time, a student feels a deep sense of safety within their body. It’s a moment of profound liberation, one that highlights the transformative power of a truly inclusive yoga community. Yet, finding such a space, where every individual’s inherent worthiness is not just acknowledged but celebrated, can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

At Holy Yoga, we prioritize these values in our words, movements, and thoughts. We facilitate a journey of self-discovery where individuals of all shapes and sizes can come together to find harmony between mind and body. We empower our instructors with the necessary tools to guide their students toward a place of unshakeable confidence, where they can fully embrace their unique beauty and strength. 

Here are the top 3 things you need to know about Holy Yoga’s Size-Inclusive Training, where every body is not just welcomed, but celebrated with open arms.

1. Size-Inclusive Language

Yoga teacher training typically does not teach size inclusivity. So, unless a yoga instructor has learned how to be size-inclusive (which is very rare), students may struggle in class. 

What sets Holy Yoga’s Size-Inclusive Training apart is that we take intentional steps to ensure our students feel welcomed, wanted, and accepted for existing exactly as they are today. There’s no expectation to conform to a specific mold or alter your body to fit into the practice; rather, we seek to create an autonomous practice where participants are encouraged to become sensation seekers over pose perfectors. 

In the Size-Inclusive training, we teach instructors to be mindful of their language, bringing awareness to the reality that everyone (both student and teacher) has different triggers and traumas. We choose to be honest about having to move our flesh throughout the yoga practice to remove the stigma that there is any shame attached to doing so. For example, in a seated spinal twist, size-inclusive instructors cue the students to move their flesh, tummy, belly, etc., over the leg for a deeper twisting sensation. 

Our hope is to first look internally at our own biases and beliefs about our own bodies and others. Then out of that confidence, we can comfortably and unashamedly walk our students through a truly inclusive practice.


2. Deep Body Awareness

It’s important to understand that body size does not tell a story. A larger body does not tell us that a student is lazy, out of shape, or insecure, the same way a smaller body does not tell us that a student is athletic, flexible, and confident!

In our classes, we prioritize the individual journey of each student, encouraging them to move their bodies in a way that feels authentic and intuitive. Rather than focusing on achieving a particular shape, we emphasize the importance of sensation and body awareness, promoting nervous system regulation.

During our training, we delve into the range of poses suitable for different body types, along with effective cueing techniques with options and varieties of poses and props. 

We demonstrate first-hand that yoga is for every body, and every body has a space.

3. Mind-Body Connection

The Size-Inclusive training demonstrates how to truly embrace inclusivity in your internal beliefs so Christ-like compassion is reflected in your words, tone, expressions, and actions. 

“For from the overflow of the heart his mouth speaks.” Luke 6:45

By addressing the inner “mean voice” curated from our past trauma, beliefs, and experiences, we address the root of these old stories and can mindfully write new empowering ones. 

Our approach goes beyond the physical postures of yoga; it journeys into the realms of mindfulness and self-compassion, guiding our students toward a profound journey of inner healing and transformation.

Through mindfulness and consistent practice, our students can deepen their connection with their bodies, fostering a sense of unity and acceptance that transcends physical appearance.

Holy Yoga’s commitment extends past mere poses and techniques; we delve into the intricate layers of emotional healing and self-discovery. Through our specialized training, instructors learn not only to cultivate a safe and nurturing space but also to serve as compassionate guides on their students’ journey towards love of God, self, and others.

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