Healing Diastasis Recti

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Calling all mommas!

During pregnancy our core is stretched to allow for our precious children to grow. Our rectus abdominal muscle, located directly down the front of our core, has two sides to it. These two sides are held together with connective tissue, called the linea alba. Think about this being like glue. However, when the linea alba has too much force placed upon it, the glue stops holding. This means the two sides of the rectus abdominal muscle pull apart, resulting in a diastasis recti. In layman’s terms, this could lead to a weak core, a bulging belly (ever heard of a “mummy tummy”?), back problems, and menstrual or digestive issues.

Besides growing a baby, one movement that can place force on the linea alba is when we rib thrust (allowing our ribs to move forward of our pelvis). This often happens when people reach their arms up over head. 

Learning to keep the ribs down is extremely beneficial for healing a diastasis recti. The following video highlights an exercise that is helpful in teaching the ribs to stay down. The benefits don’t just end there though; This exercise will also help you learn how to use your core properly.

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