You’ve made it! Thank you for sticking around for our 5th and final blog post on our updated 300 Hour Masters Program! If you are new to this blog post series, make sure to go back and read Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4 of our 5 part – 300 Hour Master’s Program series! 

If our highest calling is to care for our soul and our connection to God, what does that look like? How do I cultivate a practice of caring for my soul in a way that is accessible? How do I hear from God if we are in a relationship with one another? Holy Yoga would love to dive deeper into that concept with you through our soul care module as part of our new 300 Hour program.

Soul care has taken many shapes in history through many different traditions. We believe there is a lot to gain from this wisdom and studying the traditions that led us where we are today. We also believe that our lives look different today than they did when these traditions came about. 

How do we blend traditions and our modern lives? Once you determine the answer to that for yourself, how do you help guide others in this experience in your classes, your home and other areas of your life where you’re influential?

Holy Yoga has been focusing on soul care as part of our programming since its birth. We recognize that it is through caring for our soul that our heart, mind and strength will be transformed. The soul is our connection to God, and when it becomes our priority and focus, we begin to hear from God more clearly. Yoga offers the tools for soul care that help cultivate practices that prioritize the soul and your time with the Lord. We’ll unpack those tools in our soul care module for the 300 Hour program and give practical ways you can implement them into your daily life.

Finally, a big piece of soul care is community. We do not see the benefits of our transformation without a supportive community! The Holy Yoga Foundation exists to support you after your training and supplement your life with Bible studies, guided meditation and monthly spiritual formation tools (The Encounter) for your own soul that will ultimately benefit others and bring God glory.

Have any questions about this module? Comment down below or head to our Facebook page to connect.


Post by: Jonnie Goodmanson is a Senior Trainer for Holy Yoga Global®, LLC. Jonnie leads HYG’s core programs including their 200-hour Teacher Training, Master’s Program, Touch Training, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification with an emphasis on injury modification and anatomy and physiology. Jonnie is a continuing education provider for Yoga Alliance and ACE Fitness. She teaches yoga at Lifetime Fitness and Mainstreet Church in Mound, MN. You can read more about Jonnie’s role at www.holyyoga.net.



  1. Christel Allen

    Shiloh signed me up. I received my invoice & the first payment “hit.” Is there a next step for me to complete?

  2. Jen Moye

    Congrats Christel! Welcome to the family! On your receipt email there should have been a link to click with more info about your course. You will get access to the training center 1 week before training starts. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to the chatbox or info@holyyoga.net.

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