The Ultimate Guide to Specialty Training

Divine Transformation

Are you looking to expand your yoga knowledge with a specialty, but not sure which to choose? Today we’re going to take a look at the benefits of each and how they can be used to better your life and the lives of others!

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is great for seniors, but it’s not just for seniors! Chair yoga can be a useful practice for those who have limited mobility, want to get a flow in while sitting at their desk, or maybe need a gentler practice before bed or after a hard workout. It’s very versatile! One of the most valuable things learned in Chair Holy Yoga Training is how to make modifications to fit the needs of every individual. Just like how God loves us exactly where we are, Chair Holy Yoga aims to meet people of all ages and abilities where they are in their practice.

Kids Yoga

Yoga is a great way to provide children with physical activity and stimulation, but it’s much more than that! Parents, teachers or caregivers all know that trying to instruct a child through an entire yoga class probably wouldn’t go as planned, and we know that too! Holy Yoga Kids Training incorporates song, prayer, activities and most importantly, makes yoga fun! With Kids Holy Yoga, you will be equipped to help children foster a connection with God in a new and exciting way.

Pre/Postnatal Yoga

Yoga can be incredibly helpful in the pregnancy and postpartum journey – from providing healthy and gentle physical activity, to helping to heal the postpartum body. Pre/Postnatal Holy Yoga Training is for those who have just had a child, are planning to, or want to be able to help women on their own pregnancy journey. In Pre/Postnatal Holy Yoga Instructor Training, you will learn how to help prepare a mother’s body for labor, delivery and birth, empower women through their journey, and guide them spiritually through prayer and meditation.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga may be a passive practice, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a challenge! Yin is great for those who are seeking stability, both physically and mentally. Just as a house can crumble without a strong foundation, your body and mind may also struggle to endure without a strong foundation. Holy Yoga Yin Instructor Training helps you learn how to integrate the heart, mind, soul and body, and is ultimately approached as a practice that can greatly strengthen your relationship with God and promote holistic wellness.


Touch and trauma can be deeply connected. Many of us may not realize that where we fall on the spectrum of acceptance of touch can depend on our past experiences. This can be positive, negative, or both! Learning how to both give and receive safe and permitted touch can help the healing process. This is essential knowledge for every Holy Yoga Instructor and allows individuals to have a physical experience of the love of God.

Ignite Leadership

A lot of people read the word leadership and think, “I’m not a leader, why would I need leadership training?” Everyone who follows Christ is called to lead and has some sort of influence whether they know it or not. Maybe your circle of influence is the yoga class you instruct, your family or at work. Ignite Leadership Training equips you with the tools to be an impactful leader who lights the way for others.